Click here to download a Cottage Watch Agreement pdf file.

Enjoy the same “peace of mind” that you would have if your best friend were watching over your place while you are away from your vacation home here in the beautiful Ludington area.

We are ready, willing, and able to keep a careful eye on your property while you are away. All you need to do is tell us the level of service you desire and let us know if there is anything special that we can do for you.

Drive by on a regular basis and do an exterior walk around and after any major storm, checking for signs of damage or other problems. $35/month in Ludington - $50/month outside of Ludington

Basic Service plus an inside check. We look for leaks and make sure the furnace is operating. $45/month in Ludington - $60/month outside of Ludington

Standard Service plus we can water your oxygen producing friends. $50/month in Ludington - $65/month outside of Ludington EXTRA SERVICES

We can provide you the service of opening or closing your cottage or summer home. Cleaning, power washing, windows, carpet cleaning, bedding washed, and just about anything else you need. $25/hour Cleaning - $40/hour Maintenance

We can provide you the service of stocking your shelves and refrigerator with exactly what you need. Toiletries, food, & supplies. $35/hour

As needed per your individual situation.

231-845-8544 • 101 W. Loomis, Suite 201 • Ludington, MI 49431